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Rumor: Battlefield 4 releasing in late October

EA says poster is not official promotional material

UPDATE: An Electronic Arts representative tells us this:

“We appreciate fan enthusiasm, especially fans throughout the retail channel. These documents are not official Battlefield 4 marketing materials. Please check for official news and updates.”

The original story follows below.

Battlefield 4 will release on October 31 in Australia, if a leaked poster uploaded by BF4Centralis legitimate. The EB Games Australia promo lists several features for the upcoming shooter and early DLC plans. The poster’s four snippets are:

  • Armchair General: Rank up into the seat of the brand new Commander Mode and lead your team to victory.
  • Battlelog 2.0: The next version of the state of the art gaming portal. Track every shot, every opponent, every detail of your online Battlefield career.
  • Go Premium: Stand out on the battlefield with exclusive uniforms, weapons, and more. Get exclusive expansions, starting with Drone Strike (TBA)
  • Thrill Ride: Thrilling singleplayer campaign takes you all over the world as part of an elite squad of soldiers.

Commander Mode was an important addition to Battlefield 2’s (and 2142’s) online skirmishes; one player per team who took on the heavy burden of virtual leadership could direct squads through map-based objectives, and support them through airdropped supplies or artillery strikes.

We’ve reached out to Electronic Arts for comment on the poster and will update this story with any response. Until then, check out our 11 things you need to know about Battlefield 4 for more on the shooter, particularly its new-and-improved single player campaign.


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