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AMD and Microsoft to Improve User Experiences

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AMD sent out on interesting blog on Saturday. The first half of the article was about how software, hardware and drivers all had to be optimized for the best possible performance. It was really in reference to some improvements through the latest driver releases by AMD and the recent launch of Windows 8.1 Which is great self promotion I guess, but I never really understand why companies are so long winded about this stuff. Why don’t they just say “HEY! WE LAUNCHED NEW DRIVERS,AND THE LATEST OS UPDATE IMPROVES OUR PERFORMANCE!!!!! HERE ARE BENCHMARKS!”. Maybe I am just ADD, impatient, or both, but that would seem more efficient. 

At any rate, there was also an interesting tid bit on wireless displays within that blog. Apparently AMD and Microsoft are working together to try and optimize wireless displays. These displays clearly consume a large amount of bandwidth due to the sheer…

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