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Battlefield 4 Beta – The Fixes

Next-Gen Xbox News

Following a largely successful beta test, DICE has revealed a series of tweaks which will be made to the game ahead of its release in the coming weeks.

Naturally, the various bugs and glitches people found will be addressed (elevator catapult anyone?), but check out the list below of gameplay alterations, which will hopefully make for a more balanced online environment:

  • Reduced the fire rate of the AK-12 in burst mode, as it was overpowered (to 750 RPM from 1000 RPM).
  • Several other weapons have been rebalanced when it comes to autofire.
  • Revive time has been increased to 10 seconds from 7 seconds.
  • Muzzle flash from grenade launchers has been increased to make their position more visible.
  • Portable ammo packs will now resupply two main magazines instantly instead of one. Their default throw distance has been increased as well.
  • RPG and SMAW no longer lock on vehicles.
  • Stinger and IGLA‚Ķ

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